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Education is a basic human right

Education is a human right that helps girls and boys reach their full potential in society. Yet millions of children in Kenya are still out of school. We are constantly looking for new sponsors willing to support a child through school. If interested please If you can help us support orphans and vulnerable children in need please Sponsor a child today!

Out of Afrika is a charity that works at grass root level in Kenya, promoting education to orphans, disadvantaged children and youth to promote education to orphans and disadvantaged children to increase self-sufficiency and long term sustainability.

From the three children that the charity supported in 1996 the organisation today is sponsoring 250 children. Out of Afrika maintains strong ties with the children, their families, local partners and the wider community, developing projects through consultation with them to support their needs and to assist in the alleviation of rural poverty. Through the provision of education Out of Afrika works to improve children and their community’s self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability.
Out of Afrika believes that education is a fundamental children’s right and should not depend on the economic capacity of their parents. Through the provision of education Out of Afrika works to improve children and their community’s self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability.

We believe that every child has the basic human right of education, health care, a safe home environment, adequate food and basic necessities.

Education is an investment and the right of every child. By investing in a child’s future we are making a long term and sustainable investment in them and that of the country. In the long term educating children is one way to eradicate poverty.

Education will ensure that young people will be actively engaged in their development and live in an economically, socially sustaining, safe and healthy environment.


Out of Afrika child sponsorship program has seen many children benefit through the program since we started with many receiving a good basic education and going on to secondary education and even college/university.

These children have the advantage of an education, improved health and living standards, increased confidence, motivation and aspirations for the future.

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Read uplifting stories about our sponsorship that will brighten your day!

..........."Felister Mbugua sponsorship is the best thing that ever happened in my life. It helped me see the world in a broader perspective. I always felt the desire to impress my sponsor through hard work because it was out of love that someone whom I have never met, not even a family can wish my future be bright. Thanks Out Of Afrika for being part of me. Felister Mbugua Sponsored from Primary School to University and Will be graduating with a degree in political Science."

..........."I really appreciate for having you in my life, this far I have reached is through your support since I was in primary school; Ann Rose Akinyi an EMT student and graduating by June adds, I am exceedingly happy that through you I have gotten the opportunity to pursue my dreams in life. Sometimes back I didn’t think I would ever get secondary school education and I was almost giving up. I consider it a miracle and a blessing that today I can tell a different story and my hopes are more than certain of becoming that person I have always wanted to be."

..........."Japheth Yahuma got sponsored while in class 8. He is now in form two Thika High School and says. Am really grateful for your support in my academic tour. Your generous contribution has helped me make my vision a reality in going to school.The rest now lies within my hand. I choose excellence since I have a dream to achieve and goals to score. Thank you for sponsoring my education, you have made it a success."

..........."I cordially appreciate you for supporting me financially in payment of my school fees back when I was in high school. Time has passed but flashbacks of a consistent learning atmosphere due to lack of interruptions in school cannot evade my mind. Morgan Mbugua scored B plain year 2015 KCSE. He is looking forward to join Jomo Kenyatta University and pursue a degree in Environmental horticulture and landscaping technology. I always wanted to pursue this course and I qualified for it. I am very ready to accomplish every single dream in this one life time opportunity. I will live to be grateful for your support."

..........."There is nothing I can do or say except saying thank you for what you have been doing to me. I remember since I was in class 4 year 2010 you have been with me. I have lacked nothing concerning the school activities. Despite my mother being single and a casual labourer, I have never lacked food for you have been distributing. I really appreciate that am now in form one striving for excellence. Thank you Out of Afrika for being part of my life and for the good work you are doing to many disadvantaged children. Stephen Muhia."


OOA Sponsorship Program

  • Works in partnership with Out of Afrika Kenya an NGO in Kenya.
  • We sponsor children may be 4 years to 18 years of age, orphaned or vulnerable.
  • From primary through secondary to college or university.

Money Matters:

  • The costs of sponsoring a primary school child is £15 a month and secondary school is £20 a month. This amount covers school fees, uniform, shoes, basic/general needs for the child. 
  • 100% of the sponsorship money received is used for the purpose of providing the child’s education.
  • Out of Africa Online Shop

  • Should any sponsor want to order a gift for their sponsored child, they can do so by ordering through OOA online shop, you can pay by credit or debit card through paypal or by sending an email to kerry @ with your request. This allows sponsors to choose a gift from OOA online gift shop in the knowledge that these gifts will be bought in Kenya and given out to your child and family before Christmas.


Sponsors Frequently Asked Questions 

Thank you for your interest in helping a child in need through Out of Afrika's sponsorship program. We have prepared the following information to answer your questions about sponsorship and the children in need of help. 

1. Who is a sponsor?
2. Will I be able to choose my sponsored child?
3. How long does sponsorship last?
4. May I write to my sponsored child?
5. May I send gift packages to my sponsored child?
6. What will I receive from OOA?
7. What exactly does my sponsorship pay for?
8. Can major organizations sponsor a child? 

Who is a sponsor? 
A sponsor is an individual who gives hope to a needy child. Your sponsorship will give the opportunity to provide desperately needed education and healthcare to a specific child in Kenya. 

Will I be able to choose my sponsored child? 
We have a list of children in need of sponsorship and you can choose to sponsor a girl or boy from those or if you prefer we can choose a child for you.

How long does sponsorship last? 
A sponsorship lasts for as long as the child remains in education or until the sponsor feels it is necessary to cancel. Sponsorship finishes when a child leaves secondary school. A sponsored child may have the opportunity to continue into higher education or vocational training and the sponsor may wish to continue supporting their child through continued education. If the sponsor needs to cancel the sponsorship Out of Africa will continue to assist the child until another sponsor is found. 

May I write to my sponsored child? 
We encourage sponsors to write to their child. If a child is too young to write, they will be helped by a teacher. Children love to receive picture postcards and items such as book marks, stickers, ribbons and other flat, inexpensive treats. 

May I send gift packages to my sponsored child? 
Many sponsors ask about sending parcels to their child. A4 envelopes are acceptable but sending larger, bulkier packages through the post is very risky and expensive for the sponsor and the organization to administer. 

What will I receive from OOA? 
If you decide to sponsor a child with OOA, you will receive a photograph and details about your child. We will send you letters from the child and school reports on your child’s progress twice a year and a photograph once a year. Should you visit Kenya on holiday or business you are welcome to meet your child. We can make arrangements for transport to the school/home for you. 

What exactly does my sponsorship pay for? 
The sponsorship pays for school fees, uniform, shoes, other clothing, school lunch, books, stationery, medical fees and general basic needs for the child. 
Sponsorship costs for a primary school child is £15 a month. Sponsorship for a secondary school child varies from £250-£300 per year. The amount depends on the individual school the child attends. 

Can companies and organizations sponsor a child? 
Individuals, groups, companies or churches can all sponsor a child. Once the money is collected it can be paid monthly or annually. 
We appreciate the time you have taken to read this. If we haven't answered all your questions we shall be pleased to provide any other information. 
Please contact Kerry on:Email: Kerry @

Your kind support will make a difference in the life of a disadvantaged child. 

Education Sponsorship




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We have many children that need your help. You can help make life better for children, young people, and their families - and you can do it your way. ......Small actions, huge impacts!




#Education Sponsorship: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ – Nelson Mandela